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  2. Support and advice for individual development and career choice is at the heart of our staff and we provide training opportunities for all levels of experience
  3. We specialize in providing bespoke teacher training to individuals ranging from new teachers to experienced teachers



Build Your Career in Teaching

  1. Rewarding & Career

    If you are looking for a challenging and a rewarding career then teaching is for you. In our Teacher Training course, we have covered every aspect of becoming an excellent teacher.

  2. Support & Training

    We provide support and training opportunities for staff at all levels of experience; student teachers and experienced teachers.

  3. Development & Career

    Support for individual development and career choice is at the heart of our institute. If you are an experienced teacher and would like to enhance your teaching skills further, we have developed a special Professional Development Training course.

School Led Teacher Training

Our mission is to recruit, develop exceptional professionals, by offering second to none Teacher Training with our partner’s schools. Our training programs have been designed to build your confidence, subject knowledge and give you the necessary skills to become an effective classroom teacher for 21st-century teaching and learning. We provide one-to-one support and access to a comprehensive and tailored Professional Development package. We will ensure you are fully supported by your training and your professional development.


Professonal Learning and Development

We believe that the best teachers have an impact on student learning and results. Our programmes are suited to all teachers whether they are at the start of their career journey or more experienced. Teachers are considered leaders in their classroom and we provide a range of leadership development programs

Supporting other School

We work very closely with our partner schools where trainees will be placed for their one-year teaching experience. Support is provided to both student teachers and their mentors in the school. This is done by having regular meetings with both student teachers and mentors.

School-Led Teacher Training

This common practice in USA, UK, and Europe is being introduced through our Academy. Student teachers will be working alongside their mentors in the classroom and embed their theory in the environment of the classroom.

Specialist leaders of Education

At Right Vision Academy Teacher Training Institute our team is made up professionals with varying experience in education both national and international. They range from leader in education to classroom-based teacher


What they say about us

Ms. Hina Sultan

I am one of the participants of “The Mentor Training” taking place at Hazrat Shah Jahangir Academy. This training sessions has been conducted by the trainer of Right Vision Academy, Sir Asjad Sheikh. It would not to be wrong to state here that he is the man of his words. The most inspiring and supportive trainer I have ever met, who appreciates even the very little efforts make by us as learners. His training methodology, according to the 21st century modern education is quite appropriate. Content and presentations by him are consistently high quality and engaging. Most importantly, each session provides an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each area of education – while challenging us to clarify and to find our own answers. I feel that all the techniques used, the methods, the videos/PowerPoint are extremely good. At no point do I fee that training is “long” or “dragging on”. I feel that there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I feel challenged and consistently drawn into the exercise/activities and presentations and have my full attention due to the way in which they are conducted. It is an experience that will live long in my memory and I will constantly use these skills learnt in these sessions in my class with students. Thanks a lot Sir Asjad Sheikh

Ms. Namra Usmani

I am one the participants of "The Mentor Training" taking place at Hazrat Shah Jahangir Academy... I like the very easy-going atmosphere. The instructor Sir Asjad is very helpful and tuned into where the students are, also effectively learned in a compressed day what I usually learn in a month. Sir Asjad is able to take the complex and make it simple. I now have a much better understanding ... He is also giving us alternate ways of doing task, clear expertise and willingness to help... The hand-outs are organized step by step so is easy to understand...

Mr. Rahmatullah Khan

Every has a current (JOSH) to do something but in our much families unfortunately ruin their beloved children due to misunderstanding how to deal them and as a result the creativeness / ability buried deep and deeper. They become shy and lost their confidence which at later stage leads to in-capabilities. They know much but lack of expressiveness make them failure. And it is being realised that children should be treated politely / softly so that they may not discourage / their confidence should not be shaken so they develop in positive and in a healthy way. This way will return the society some especially positive. Here I regret to say that Sir Asjad asked me two or three years ago for coaching / establishing such type of educational institution in Model Colony, but due to my engagement in my job I could not manage but I am much glad to see his achievements and I am of the opinion that we really need such creative mentors to educate our young generation to equip them with modern technologies and awareness with latest changes happening in the world. I pray for success of My Teacher Asjad Shaikh who taught us like an elder brother. We learnt much more and he did not mind of time/situation he always welcomed us warmly finding the way to solve the difficult situations. You people might be thinking what I say in above paras, but what I felt weakness of our society and needs of mentors like Asjad. To get develop come forward with Asjad extend favour by cooperation. May Almighty ALLAH shower HIS blessings to you and my teacher Asjad Sheikh.

Ms. Syeda Yusra Jalali

I am one of the selected participant of the “Mentor Training”. On 12th March2018, we had a new addition in our academy, the most honorable Sir Asjad Sheikh. I found him quite polite, soft-spoken and a nice person. He is a true instructional leader with demonstrated personal attributes and qualities that qualify him as an educational leader. His experience inspired me to be a better teacher and armed with the tools to make that happen. He is a motivated individual and has a desire to support teachers in creating effective learning environments for students. He devotes much time in working with and sharing his expertise with participants in respect to educational standards and 21st century learning. His research-based teaching strategies and lesson design is enough for learning better. He is exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and is a highly skilled educator. Sir Asjad is able to build the capacity of all teachers, he works with through his leadership. He has an uncanny ability to integrate innovative technologies to engage teachers to increase their collaboration/communication skills and foster critical thinking. He recognizes that today’s learners are digital natives and his use of technology in the few sessions of professional development. He is a great mentor and coach education us by the 21st century professional development methodologies and curriculum writing through individual, small group and whole department venues. How blessed we are to have him as a mentor. I believe his impact as influential mentor amplify us great knowledge because of his guidance we’ll achieve our goals as a professional teacher. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to be better persona and a teacher. Hope we’ll learn more than your expectations.

Ms. Saba Naveed

Dear Ma'am Fareeda and Sir Asjad, I attended the Workshops on "Assessment Marking" and "21st Century Skills Mentor Training". I found them informative, interactive and fruitful. Both of you are down to earth although having so much experience,knowledge and expertise. I am looking forward to get benefitted with your expertise. It is surely going to help me in my career development.

Ms. Rahila Ahmed

Being a participants of “The Mentor Training” initiated at Hazrat Shah Jahangir Academy. I am delighted to express my sincere gratitude about the master trainers Sir Asjad Sheikh and Ma’am Farida. Indeed both the trainers have not only been smartly active but also very energetic and goal oriented for us so far. Ma’am Farida is a great teacher and I have learned a lot from her. The way she inspired me with her charismatic talent of developing innovations in Physics, experiments and lesson planning is beyond the expectations. As far as my experience is concerned, she has marked herself an expert scholar in experiential learning. Additionally Sir Asjad is not less as well, his opening questions change the perspectives of things entirely different. I do admire his softness and whelming attitude, his appreciation and encouragement for every single effort made by teacher students. He figures out all the academic problems keenly which is always appreciated. To conclude and cutting this short I must say that our trainers have showcased a broad range of skills. Their training sessions for 21st century modern education are superb. It is really a pleasure to write for them although I can’t express my feelings through the words. Thanks a lot for being with us. Rahila Ahmed