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Classroom Management l Lesson Planning l Child Behavior

Our Vision

Right Vision Academy Teacher Training Institute aims to train high caliber individuals into the future leaders of education. We will impact to the ethical, social and cultural values along with technical and professional skills which will enable them to find a satisfying career.


  • To raise the standards of teaching and learning in schools
  • To improve student experience of learning
  • Workshops for teachers in recent knowledge and techniques in delivering education
  • To improve the professionalism of teachers in schools
  • Provide highly qualified and trained teachers when schools require
  • To assist schools to update their knowledge and technique for delivering 21st-century education
  • To provide help and support to parents to understand how 21st-century education has changed the way their children learn
  • To assist teachers in their professional development
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Asjad Sheikh

Mr. Sheikh has been in teaching industry since 1984. Mr. Sheikh, is qualified Information, Advice and Guidance practitioner in the UK. Mr. Sheikh has been mentoring and training since 1984

Director Senior Teacher Trainer

Farida Sheikh

Dr. Sheikh has an extensive teaching, mentoring and training experience. Dr. Sheikh has trained countless number of teachers in different schools of United Kingdom

CEO, Right Vision Academy

Muhammad Shahid

Master in Political Science, Master in IT, 24 years of Training experience, Deliver 300 workshop

Founding Director of CIM, Senior Trainer

Syed Saleem Uddin

Our Senior Teacher Trainer, Khurram has been working in the teaching industry over 15 years.

Senior Teacher Trainer

Afshan Khursheed

28 years of Teacher Training experience. Afshan, is PM of Beacon House School System

Director of Pakistan Professional Development Institute

Saira Sheikh

School Principal, Master in Chemistry, over 15 years of teaching and Training experience

Principal , City Public