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Our Vision

Right Vision Academy  aims to train high calibre individuals into the future leader of education. 

Our Achievements


Our Aims

  • To raise the standards of teaching and learning in schools
  • To improve the student experience of learning
  • To enhance the professionalism of teachers in schools
  • To assist schools in updating their knowledge and techniques for delivering 21st-century education that the schools require
  • To provide qualified and trained teachers when schools require
  • To assist teachers in their professional development

meet our amazing UK team

The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Dr Farida Sheikh


Asjad Sheikh

Director of Training

Rose Marie Starkey Calder

Director of Curriculum Development

Philip Chan

Advisor, Author, Teacher Trainer

Professor Patrick Businge

Doctor of Education in Special and Inclusive Education

Dr Julian Businge

Author, Trainer, Life Coach, Assessor

Samia Malak

Curriculum Development, Teacher Trainer

Miriam Nawagamuwa

Public Speaker, Assessor, Trainer

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meet our amazing Pakistan team

The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Atiq Ul Rehman Mirza

Consultant, Advisor, Trainer, Mentor

M S Qureshi

Pakistan Director of Training

Khurram Saleem

Master Trainer

Afshan Khurshid

Master Trainer

Syed Waqas

Master Trainer Primary

Abida Munir

Project Manager, Teacher Trainer


School Principal, Teacher Trainer

Sajida Naseer

Master Trainer, Secondary

Asma Gardezi

Teacher Trainer

Anum Saddique


Ayesha Khan

Teacher Trainer

Adnan A Baig

Teacher Trainer

Saima Toor

Teacher Trainer

Sumaira Hanif

Teacher Trainer

Muniba Urooj

Trainee Teacher Trainer

Meet Our Clients

Meet Our Clients

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