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Ms Hina Sultan Cambridge Head of Department, HSJA

I am one of the participants of “The Mentor Training” taking place at Hazrat Shah Jahangir Academy. This training session has been conducted by the trainer of Right Vision Academy, Sir Asjad Sheikh.  It would not be wrong to state here that he is the man of his words.  The most inspiring and supportive trainer I have ever met, who appreciates even the minimal efforts made by us as learners.  His training methodology, according to the 21st century, modern education is entirely appropriate.  Content and presentations by him are consistently high quality and engaging.

Most importantly, each session provides an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities inhere3nt in each area of education, while challenging us to clarify and to find our answers.  I feel that all the techniques used, the methods, the videos, PowerPoint are outstanding.  At no point do I think that training is “long” or “dragging on”.  I think that there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm.  I feel challenged and consistently drawn into the exercise, activities and presentations and have my full attention due to how they are conducted.  It is an experience that will live long in my memory, and I will continuously use these skills learnt in these sessions in my class with students.  Thanks a lot, Sir Asjad Sheikh

Ms Namra Usmani

I am one of the participants of “The Mentor Training” taking place at HSJA.  I like a very easy-going atmosphere.  The instructor Sir Asjad is beneficial and tuned into where the students are, also effectively learned in a compressed day what I usually learn in a month.  Sir Asjad can take the complex and make it simple.  I now have a much better understanding.  He is also giving us an alternate way of doing tasks, evident expertise and willingness to help.  The hand-outs are organised step by step, so it is easy to understand

Ms Syed Yusra Jalali Primary Head of Department

I am one of the selected participants in the “Mentor Training”. On 12th March 2018, we had a new addition in our academy, the most honourable Sir Asjad Sheikh. I found Sir Asjad Sheikh quite polite, soft-spoken and a nice person. He is a true instructional leader with demonstrated personal attributes and qualities that qualify him as an educational leader. His experience inspired me to be a better teacher and armed with the tools to make that happen. He is a motivated individual and has a desire to support teachers in creating productive learning environments for students. He devotes much time in working with and sharing his expertise with participants for educational standards and 21st-century learning.

His research-based teaching strategies and lesson design are enough for learning better. He is an exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and is a hight skilled educator. Sir Asjad can build the capacity of all teachers, and he works with through his leadership. He has an uncanny ability to integrate innovative technologies to engage teachers to increase their collaboration, communications skills and foster critical thinking. He recognises that today’s learners are digital natives and his use of technology in the few sessions of professional development. He is a great mentor and coach education us by the 21-century professional development methodologies and curriculum writing through individual, small group and whole department venues. H

How blessed we are to have him as a mentor. I believe his impact as an influential mentor amplify us excellent knowledge because of his guidance we’ll achieve our goals as a professional teacher. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to be a better person and a teacher. I hope we’ll learn more than your expectations.

Ms Saba Naveed Mentor

Dear Ma’am Farida and Sir Asjad, I attended the workshops on “Assessment Marking” and “21st-century skills Mentor Training”. I found them informative, interactive and fruitful. Both of you are down to earth although having so much experience, knowledge and expertise. I am looking forward to getting benefited with your expertise. It is undoubtedly going to help me in my career development.

Ms Rahila Ahmed Mentor

I am a participant of “The Mentor Training” initiated at HSJA. I am delighted to express my sincere gratitude about the master trainers Sir Asjad Sheikh and Ma’am Farida. Indeed both the trainers have been not only smartly active but also energetic and goal-oriented for us so far Ma’am Farida is a great teacher, and I have learned a lot from her. The way she inspired me with her charismatic talent of developing innovations in Physics experiments and lesson planning is beyond the expectations. As far as my experience is concerned, she has marked herself an expert scholar in experiential learning.

Additionally, Sir Asjad is not less as well; his opening questions change the perspectives of things entirely different. I do admire his softness and whelming attitude, his appreciation and encouragement for every single effort made by teacher students. He figures out all the academic problems keenly, which is always appreciated. To conclude and to cut this short I must say that our trainers have showcased a broad range of skills. Their training sessions for 21st-century modern education are superb. It is a pleasure to write for them, although I can’t express my feelings through the works. Thanks a lot for being with us

Nosheen Khan SMART School

I was baffled about these interactive workshops, I never attended, or I have heard of these workshops. I am thankful to my friend, who told me about this CV writing workshop. When the workshop started, all the candidates were looking at each other as did not know what to expect. There was an LCD in front of us, and Sir Asjad Sheikh was on Skype, and he shared his PC screen with a PowerPoint presentation.

After the introduction, when Sir Asjad started to explain about the CV boom penny dropped and we all candidates were so much into this presentation. Sir explained what CV is and what mistakes we all have been doing.

To cut the story short, I am so delighted to tell the tips Sir Asjad gave us in this comprehensive workshop was outstanding, even though this workshop was through Skype, it seems that Sir Asjad was right in front of us. We all have our chance to ask questions and the answers which Sir Asjad gave us made us think and come with our solutions. Sir Asjad questioning technique opens the door of us to critical thinking. I am pleased that I have got a new job and I am enjoying it.  Thank you, Sir Asjad Sheikh

Ayesha Imam Beacon Askari School

We all have times in our lives when we look for more significant challenges in our lives. It does not matter how good you are at the work you do. When you start looking for other opportunities that are a very stressful time and one must have a clear direction at this time. I recently changed my school. I must say leaving my previous school was a decision which was very hard for me.

I shared this with Sir Asjad Sheikh that I wanted to look for another opportunity, and I would like to make a professional CV. I remember the words which Sir Asjad said to me, when he was in Pakistan, we give 50 rupees at the shop and ask someone to make our CV, and we expect to get the Rs 50,000/ per month, it is not possible. We have to spend time when we are building our CV.

I shared this with Sir Asjad on his WhatsApp no, I was not sure if Sir Asjad would be able to help me out as he was not in Pakistan those days. When we had our conversation, it felt like Sir Asjad was right in front of me, and he was delivering a workshop. The questions he asked me made me think, and he asked me to prepare the answers of those questions first, then we would talk how to design my CV, he asked very tough questions, e.g. why someone should offer me a job, What unique qualities I have which other candidates don’t have. What benefits will other school and children have if they give me a job and a few other questions?

I got scared and started thinking about how to answer those type of questions, and then Sir Asjad told me the answers to all the questions which would become the foundation of any CV. Thanks to Allah, I managed to answer all the questions. Then Sir Asjad gave me tips on how to structure my CV. I also remember Sir Asjad saying to make a professional CV it would take time and yes it took time to make my professional CV, not 15 minutes like we do in the shops.

The next step was how to give answers to interview questions and how to prepare for a perfect demo. Sir Asjad gave me tips on how to answer difficult questions and how to relate the answers with practical examples from my experience

I sent my CV to 5 good schools in my area and guess what Alhumduillah with the help of Allah and the tips which sir Asjad Shared with me I got an interview call from everyone wow now that was 100% success.

Things got changed, then I was in the position to select a school where I would continue teaching instate of waiting for the school to offer me a job. I asked sir Asjad what to do; next, Sir Asjad made this very easy for me, he gave me clear direction on what things I should be looking at, of course, salary is relevant. Still, he asked me to look for my personal development which school is offering this as this would help me in the long run. Alhamdulillah, I have decided and accepted the offer, in sha Allah I will start my new job next month.

In the end, I want to say thanks to Sir Asjad Sheikh for being such a supportive person as, at the time of my induction, he was in the UK. But still, he kept guiding me.

I’m looking forward to having more and more helpful tips which will help me out in my successful career, in sha Allah.

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